Make your online success catch like wildfire.

Campfire Collective is a creative team helping ignite your business with strong branding, a website customized to your needs, and strategies to help you build a thriving online space.

What We Do

Design a Strong Look

Your customer’s first impression starts with your look. That’s why we start by developing a solid style for every representation of your brand online— (your logo, website design, social media, email marketing, and more —so it is instinctively recognizable.

Craft a Consistent Message

Every business must approach its online growth in a tailored fashion. We will help make sure everything—from how you present your messages, to how your business accomplishes its daily online tasks—is handled in a consistent way that is true to what you stand for.

Build a Thriving Community

Once you’ve worked with us to define a strong brand and a consistent approach message, we give you all the website, newsletter, and social media strategies you need to continue to build a thriving community around your business.

We’re ready to be your all-inclusive online success team.

Spark E-Course

Build Your Online Presence

This e-course will show you how to spark up your business’ presence with a blueprint for your entire online arsenal—website, social media, newsletter and more—to help you start or grow your own online community in a way that is consistent, cohesive, and authentic.

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